Non-profit and for profit entities interested in supporting our efforts and promoting their brands through Sponsorship, Partnership & Exhibition should email us at


Benefits of sponsoring our event/s


Publicity and Professional Association

The conference will be promoted to the key players in the Education industry ensuring wide exposure for sponsors and their identification with GICE (Globex International Conference on Education). Your participation will be promoted through a variety of email campaigns, newsletters, periodicals and postings on the online conference website and on the websites of our media partners.


Networking with the Education Industry Leaders, and Professionals

The conference can open doors to enable interaction with key decision makers. Such networking can generate valuable contacts during and after the event. Also, we will have expert speakers from education institutions, companies, government and academia who will share their views and insights on the conference topics / agenda. Their presence will be valuable to promoters who wish to interact with them. Your representatives can network with the delegates to update their knowledge and understanding of your organization and services.


Strengthening your Corporate Image

Through the conference, your company will be projected as an industry player and leader committed to activities that benefit the Education industry. The conference can also directly support your organization’s marketing and sales efforts by offering brand positioning, image association, differentiation from competitors, target marketing, brand loyalty and customer involvement, all of which may ultimately lead to increased sales.


Promotion and Demonstration

Conference will become a very strong mode of demonstrating your services/product to the different education industry leaders that constantly will become an interest and need of their organization and agenda that would generate a demand to improve your business target in future.


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