Vinay Bakshi

Vinay Bakshi Director Globex Education

Vinay Bakshi

Director - Globex Education & Guest Speaker at Microsoft

Vinay Bakshi is Director of Globex Education, he's a Training & Quality professional with over a decade of experience in Multinational Telecom brand Vodafone India. He's also Microsoft Guest Speaker since 2016.

Vinay Bakshi is the Director at Globex Education, Guest Speaker at Microsoft, Member of National Geographic Educator Community, and former Senior Trainer at Vodafone India.

His decade-long experience of working with several MNCs and entrepreneurs has allowed him to wear many hats, including marketing, business development, finance, and strategy.

Additionally, his work in the field of Training & Quality along with content development in Vodafone India has allowed him to work on a number of diverse learning methods, such as distance learning, new hire training, knowledge refresher sessions, to name a few.

He is presently working as the Director of Globex Education since March 2017 and he has been a guiding force behind the enviable success and reputation for excellence of this educational institution.

Career Profile:

Dedicated, resourceful education professional with proven ability to create and monitor policies and procedures that promote a safe learning environment, ensure institute culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and student, develop and environment that encourages open communication with colleagues students and the community and mentor educator’s in the creation and implementation of class instructions, lesson plans, and student assessment in conjunction with state learning regulations.

Core Competencies:

Student-centered instruction program development, parental and community involvement, attendance and grade reports, individual education plans, curriculum development, budgeting and forecasting, team building, educational administration, classroom management, and instruction programming.


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